It's been a pretty relaxed weekend, which has been nice, and now that we have some snow on the ground it's starting to feel quite festive. It's also nice because the snow really brightens up the dark days.

view from my front door

Yesterday we went for a nice long walk downtown, had a delicious lunch at one of our favourite places and did some window shopping. Today I stayed in, did a bit of housework and spent most of the day crocheting, surfing Etsy and drinking tea. I'm currently putting most of my energy into this project:


I'm hoping it will become the flat-bottomed tote I imagine. I'm experimenting with a different type of Icelandic wool than I normally use, called Plötulopi, which is a single-ply, unspun yarn. It's a bit challenging as it's quite fragile and breaks easily if I'm not careful (especially when over-zealously frogging). I've doubled it and wound it into balls, which seems to do the trick.

I also added a couple of new trivet sets to the shop in some nice bright colours to liven up the winter days.

yellow trivet set

red trivet set

AND...big, BIG news: I'm an auntie! My brother Damian and his lovely wife Heidi welcomed my brand new nephew Archer Brian Valles into the world on Thursday morning. I got to finally "meet" him on Skype today, and boy is he cute! I'm so excited to have a little nephew to spoil!

So all in all a perfect weekend, and to top it off we'll be digging out the Christmas box tonight to do some decorating. I bought some yummy gingerbread cookies for the occasion and am looking forward to a cosy, festive night in to kick off the holiday season.