I've been flying under the radar for the last few months, and now it's nearly Christmas already. Where did the time go? I had a lovely summer in Canada, and H & I had a great time during his visit at the end of my trip. As always, it was hard to leave, as I often struggle with my decision to live so far from my family. It was especially difficult this time though as my Dad wasn't well, and shortly after I got back to Iceland he was taken to hospital. I flew home again for another few weeks and after a hectic and emotional time, returned to Iceland in early November. The good news is that Dad is home again and things seem to have settled back to "normal".

Since creative pursuits and shop stuff took a back seat during that time, I've had some catching up to do. I managed to finish the granny blanket, finally.




I was really pleased with the way it turned out and it was gifted to dear friends who had their first baby in September.

I've also been tinkering with some new designs and did my very first craft/design show last weekend. It wasn't very busy and I didn't sell much (one trivet!), but it was a good experience and I should probably do more of that kind of thing. I'll post some pictures here soon.

Unfortunately, I kind of missed the boat on the whole Christmas/holiday season on Etsy. Disappointing, but what can you do? I've actually been doing a lot of thinking these last months about how to take things "to the next level" in the new year. I have some ideas, just need to work on implementing them.

But for now I'm going to focus on enjoying the festive season, ignoring the crappy weather, decorating, finishing up gifts, maybe doing some Christmas baking. How do you get into the holiday spirit?