Home improvement

Have not been doing much making the last few weeks, I'm afraid. Instead we've been freshening up the kitchen. Here's a bit of "before" (top) and "after" (bottom): [gallery exclude="549"]

I forgot to take the "before" pictures before taking the cupboard doors off, but you get the idea. The walls, cupboards and tiles were all painted the same shade of off-white and the doors were red. The butcher block counter tops had been varnished and were worn and dingy, and the light fixture cast a dim, yellowish light.

While we knew the kitchen was in need of a revamp, what really got the ball rolling were these:

cabinet pulls

We found these vintage cabinet pulls at a local antique shop and thought they'd be perfect (but too few, so I went online and found more here).

As we were on a budget, we decided to work with what we already had. So we painted the cupboards and doors white, and the tiles glossy white. We sanded and oiled the counters, replaced the faucet hardware, switched out the pale fake wood Ikea floating shelves for white, freed up some cupboard space by getting rid of things we didn't need or no longer used, put up some fresh new curtains (sorry you can't see them in the pics, but they are this fabric, in white, from Ikea), and a new light fixture and voila! A brand new kitchen! It's amazing how much impact small changes can make (and how long those small changes can take). I'm sooo happy with it. There are still some small finishing touches left and we'd really like to do something about the floor, and then of course there's the rest of the apartment (funny how that happens). But for moment we're taking a little rest and just enjoying the last days of summer.