Craft day

The other day my good friend Alice from Tíra Reflective Accessories came over to my place for a craft day. Over chile con carne, homemade bread and copious amounts of tea, we crafted and chatted until late in the evening. While I worked on some crocheting and felting projects, photo editing and product descriptions, Alice was putting together a ton of Tíra reflective flower pins for the upcoming Icelandic Arts and Crafts Fair, where she'll be manning the Tíra booth this year. Alice and Tíra flower pins

"Tíra" means "glimmer" in Icelandic, and Alice (who is also a well-known mosaic artist with several large-scale installations here in Iceland, as well as exhibitions both home and abroad under her belt) and her husband Kári (an architect and Tíra's co-founder) have managed to perfectly blend high-tech and handmade for a range of reflective accessories that not only keep you safe but also looking good. I am totally in awe of Alice's success with this venture - she's such an inspiration!

Tíra flower pins

All in all a great day - we should definitely do it more often!

To find out more about Tíra products click here, or check out their Facebook page. And if you happen to be in Reykjavík, the Icelandic Arts and Crafts Fair will be on at City Hall from Nov 3 - 7 and is a must-see for some fabulous contemporary Icelandic design and handcrafts.