Before and after

Here finally are some pics from our renovation. What started last January as "let's redo the bathroom" turned into literally gutting the whole apartment as there were so many other things that needed fixing. Starting with plumbing and wiring (which was dangerously outdated), we also had to dig up the floors to replace cracked sewer pipes running under the building (we're on the ground floor), and after finding some pretty nasty mould, discovered that there was no drainage at the back of the building, so had to install that as well (thankfully the mould problem is taken care of). I'll admit it was hard to see the end.

But the end did come. What we got out of it was a beautiful, big, new kitchen that we moved from a tiny room at the back of the apartment to the dining room at the front (now our favourite room), a new, ever-so-slightly bigger bathroom, a guest room/office where the old kitchen used to be, new closets with plenty of storage in the bedroom, and new wood floors throughout (since we couldn't salvage our old parquet floors). 

I should clarify that we didn't do any of the hard work ourselves - we had a really lovely contractor, and he and his team did a great job. We are so happy with the outcome and are (still!) slowly but surely putting on the finishing touches - this weekend's project is to finally put some proper shelving in the "little room", as we call it, and make it a usable workspace/studio. Months later we still can't get over the changes and love our home more and more every day!